From initial consultation to final design, we're here to bring your vision to life. Explore our range of services tailored to your needs and let's create a kitchen that truly feels like home.
What is your experience with IKEA® kitchen design?
With 20 years of exclusive IKEA® kitchen design experience, including 10 years at the IKEA® kitchen department and 9 years designing for IKEA®'s installation service providers, you can rest assured that you're in good hands.
What is the process of working together from start to finish?
The process begins with an in-home planning consultation where I measure the room dimensions and check the position of venting, plumbing, and electrical lines, along with the specifications of all appliances. Then, I design the new kitchen using the IKEA® Kitchen Planner, providing you with a 3D rendering and a complete shopping list.
What is the cost for your design services?
My in-home consultation and design fee for the Greater Vancouver area is $295.00. If additional design time is required, it's billed at $75.00 per hour. For areas outside of Greater Vancouver, an additional travel cost will apply.
Can you assist with the IKEA® ordering process?
Yes, as part of my design service, I provide a complete shopping list and can guide you through the IKEA® ordering process.
Do you handle installation or can you recommend trusted installers?
While I primarily focus on design, I've worked closely with IKEA®'s installation service providers and can certainly recommend trusted installers.
Can you design other areas of the home using IKEA® products, like bathrooms or closets?
Absolutely! In addition to kitchens, I can also help you design laundry rooms, bathrooms, closets, and other spaces using IKEA® cabinets. Prices for these services vary, so please email for an estimate.
How do you handle changes and revisions to the design?
I strive to create the best design for each client and I'm open to revisions to ensure your kitchen meets your needs and vision. If additional design time beyond the initial consultation is required, it will be billed in 1 hour blocks at $75.00 per hour.
How long does the typical design process take?
The timeline can vary depending on the scope of the project and the number of revisions. However, I strive to provide the initial design and shopping list promptly after the in-home consultation.

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